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Abata’s Values

Our values reflect our everyday guiding principles, our motivation, our culture. We can apply these in both moments of joy and moments of duress. They hold true to the spirit of our team.

Principally Cures

We are bold in our mission and purpose, and we aim for nothing less than a transformative impact on people’s lives.

Individually Empowered,
Collectively Limitless

We have trust in one another as individuals; we are accountable and empowered. Working together as a team, we are unstoppable.

Strengthened by Differences

Without differences, we cannot succeed. We are an open and inclusive team, and we believe what we each bring as individuals is invaluable.

Fundamentally Audacious

We are audacious by nature – emboldened by curiosity and driven to take courageous, yet carefully considered risks.

Inquisitive in Debate,
Unified in Quest

We embrace challenge and encourage – even relish in – respectful debate, and we emerge unified in our path forward as a team.

Be Kind 

We are universally kind – to each other and in how we relate to the world. We highlight this value in a different color so it stands out, because we believe it must guide all of our actions and interactions. There is strength in kindness.

“I believe engineered Tregs will become transformative medicines for patients who are suffering and lack hope, and Abata could be the first to deliver that missing hope. I’m confident in this because our smart and collaborative team is focused on efficiencies without sacrificing scientific rigor, and because everyone is working together towards the same goal.”


“What inspires me most about Abata is the potential for truly transformational, curative treatments. We work cohesively and take calculated risks to answer the most challenging scientific questions. The dedication to answering these questions and the respect for every individual contribution is what makes Abata stand out.”

Stephen Fair – VP, FINANCE

“At Abata, we’re lucky to have a team of individuals from an incredibly diverse range of professional backgrounds. I’m inspired by the passion behind our science, which is rooted in the scientific research of devoted, world-renowned immunologists who continue to work with us. We challenge one another to become stronger scientists and thinkers and have a lot of fun each and every day!”


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